Analysis of the Paul George Trade



This off season is the craziest we have ever seen. So many moves and trades to get star players to compete with the Warriors. And this trade, was just amazing. This was a definite win for the Thunder and a loss for the Pacers. Even though the Pacers got a nice starter in Victor Oladipo and a promising rookie in Domantas Sabonis we are talking about Paul George. How do the Pacers trade Paul George for those two players.  To see what I mean, last year in the off season, the Thunder traded Serge Ibaka for Victor Oladipo and the 11th pick in the draft which turned out to be Domantas Sabonis. That means they basically traded Serge Ibaka for Paul George, which is a 100% loss for the Pacers. What’s even more sad for the Pacers is that the Boston Celtics reportedly tried to trade them LAL/SAC pick from PHI, the 2019 Memphis or Clippers pick, and Jae Crowder. A much better trade for the Pacers that will allow them to start the rebuild. But then again, other reports said that the Celtics never actually made a final offer for George. Which some fans should be kinda mad at.

But this season for the Thunder is going to be amazing. I know you might be saying that both Russell and George are ball-dominant, but it’s not like they aren’t going to get the ball at all. What do you expect Billy Donovan to do for the rest of the off season, just sit around and wait for the season start so they can “do their thing.” They will find a way to work together. And like when Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant were together in OKC they did just fine. But one thing that makes Paul George a better fit than Kevin Durant is that he plays catch and shoot, too. Unlike KD he doesn’t need the ball in his hands to make plays. Whereas Kevin Durant can’t really do anything else with the ball out of his hands. And now, when Westbrook sits out, the offense and defense won’t struggle because they have the ultimate two-way explosive player in Paul George. He can lead the offense and can have the ball in his hands when he needs to. He can make his own plays and shots and can pass the ball. Next year we will be seeing much more from the Thunder. I believe that the Thunder will always have Westbrook or George on the court at all times. Maybe like 24 minutes together and 12 and 12 by themselves.

For the Thunder as an organization they just need one more player and a few moves to be a contender. Because the West has lots of competition. The top four teams have amazing players: KD and Steph for the Warriors, Kawhi and Aldridge for the Spurs, Paul and Harden for the Rockets, and Westbrook and George for the Thunder. The Thunder have to show that they can win with George and surround him and Westbrook with more players before the end of next season, otherwise he’ll sign with the Lakers.

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Paul George TRADED to the Thunder!


The news just came out one minute ago. Oh GEEZ! PAUL GEORGE TO THE THUNDER. I didn’t expect it at all. For like Victor Oladipo and this other guy. I just want to get the news out the first. Russell Westbrook is definitely trying to get back at Durant when the Warriors play the Thunder next year. Okay he was traded for Domantas Sabonis. My gosh. I will get more details later but for now…wow.


Report: Paul George traded to Oklahoma City Thunder