Analysis of the Paul George Trade



This off season is the craziest we have ever seen. So many moves and trades to get star players to compete with the Warriors. And this trade, was just amazing. This was a definite win for the Thunder and a loss for the Pacers. Even though the Pacers got a nice starter in Victor Oladipo and a promising rookie in Domantas Sabonis we are talking about Paul George. How do the Pacers trade Paul George for those two players.  To see what I mean, last year in the off season, the Thunder traded Serge Ibaka for Victor Oladipo and the 11th pick in the draft which turned out to be Domantas Sabonis. That means they basically traded Serge Ibaka for Paul George, which is a 100% loss for the Pacers. What’s even more sad for the Pacers is that the Boston Celtics reportedly tried to trade them LAL/SAC pick from PHI, the 2019 Memphis or Clippers pick, and Jae Crowder. A much better trade for the Pacers that will allow them to start the rebuild. But then again, other reports said that the Celtics never actually made a final offer for George. Which some fans should be kinda mad at.

But this season for the Thunder is going to be amazing. I know you might be saying that both Russell and George are ball-dominant, but it’s not like they aren’t going to get the ball at all. What do you expect Billy Donovan to do for the rest of the off season, just sit around and wait for the season start so they can “do their thing.” They will find a way to work together. And like when Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant were together in OKC they did just fine. But one thing that makes Paul George a better fit than Kevin Durant is that he plays catch and shoot, too. Unlike KD he doesn’t need the ball in his hands to make plays. Whereas Kevin Durant can’t really do anything else with the ball out of his hands. And now, when Westbrook sits out, the offense and defense won’t struggle because they have the ultimate two-way explosive player in Paul George. He can lead the offense and can have the ball in his hands when he needs to. He can make his own plays and shots and can pass the ball. Next year we will be seeing much more from the Thunder. I believe that the Thunder will always have Westbrook or George on the court at all times. Maybe like 24 minutes together and 12 and 12 by themselves.

For the Thunder as an organization they just need one more player and a few moves to be a contender. Because the West has lots of competition. The top four teams have amazing players: KD and Steph for the Warriors, Kawhi and Aldridge for the Spurs, Paul and Harden for the Rockets, and Westbrook and George for the Thunder. The Thunder have to show that they can win with George and surround him and Westbrook with more players before the end of next season, otherwise he’ll sign with the Lakers.

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Paul George TRADED to the Thunder!


The news just came out one minute ago. Oh GEEZ! PAUL GEORGE TO THE THUNDER. I didn’t expect it at all. For like Victor Oladipo and this other guy. I just want to get the news out the first. Russell Westbrook is definitely trying to get back at Durant when the Warriors play the Thunder next year. Okay he was traded for Domantas Sabonis. My gosh. I will get more details later but for now…wow.


Report: Paul George traded to Oklahoma City Thunder

How the Cavaliers are so close to Competing with the Golden State Warriors

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers

Most recently, a report came out saying that the Cavaliers were trying to acquire both Paul George and Carmelo Anthony in a 5 team trade. Wow. More than just thinking about Paul George and Carmelo Anthony, I just thought wow, a 5 team trade, not something you hear everyday. Stupid, right? The teams reportedly in this trade were the Knicks, Pacers, Nuggets, and Phoenix. I’m guessing Kevin Love will be tossed from the Cavaliers to probably the Nuggets. Phoenix will probably give Eric Bledsoe away, though I don’t know to the Pacers or Knicks. But I will guess the Knicks because I think the Pacers are just going to receive some young players and draft picks from the other teams. Though the talks didn’t really continue from there but the Cavaliers do have a chance.

And if this trade goes down, or the Cavaliers do receive Paul George, man will the commissioner will be laughed at. As he says that he doesn’t think the league is ruled by just two teams in the Cavaliers and Warriors. Honestly even though we have been a few weeks into the off season it has been more exciting than the regular season and playoffs. And when free agency starts man oh man is all the stuff going to come at me to post. So many teams will be trying to compete with the Warriors and Cavaliers. The NBA has turned into this race to see who gets who before who. Or which team will get bla before bla gets to go to the other team with bla. I’m not sure whether the battle of the super teams ever stop. Even though there aren’t any others other than the Warriors everyone is scavenging for them.

Okay now I’m getting off topic. Back to the Cavaliers. This off season almost determines if the Cavaliers will win a championship or not. They need to make a move. Lebron is 33, even though he shows no signs of slowing down doesn’t mean he can’t take too much of the load. Kyrie has shown us that he can’t score without Lebron. And if Kyrie gets on fire, Lebron won’t pass it to him. Both players have their very own special style of play and it doesn’t go too well together. That’s why it isn’t good that Kyrie needs Lebron all the time. Getting Paul George means a lot more. Getting Paul George means that Lebron doesn’t have to play a full 48 minutes against the Warriors. Getting Paul George means that Kyrie won’t need Lebron by his side to score. Because really, Kyrie can only score if another star can draw some of the attention off him so he could go 1-on-1 and face off against the defender which is a piece of cake for him. Paul George is a really good fit for the Cavaliers. They could slide Lebron over to the four, because he is big and strong and really does the dirty work all game. The Cavaliers won’t even lose their floor spacing acquiring Paul George. Not only this, but sources close to Paul George states that George would resign with Cleveland if he gets traded over there, and if Lebron stays there too. So this is already looking amazing. Though the Cavaliers will have one weakness playing against the Warriors. Their bench.

Okay, there bench is the trash, just trash. All the “okay”(not that trash but trash)  people on the bench are Iman Shumpert (who can only play defense), Deron Williams (old), Richard Jefferson (90 years old), and maybe Derrick Williams. But have you even heard of Larry Sanders? How many times have you seen James Jones play? One exception in Kyle Korver, but he is 36, can he still compete with the Warriors bench? Then after them there is bunch of trash people on the roster. While the Warriors have Iguodala (at least for now), Ian Clark (a nice outside shooter), Shaun Livingston (arguably one of the best backup point guards in the league), Patrick McCaw (a rising star), Javale McGee (who should definitely be starting over Zaza), and the GOAT James Michael McAdoo. Even if some of the players leave I know Steve Kerr will find a way to lure young talent to the roster.

The Cavaliers need to sign players who are young and show talent. Lebron could be a great mentor for a small forward, and Kyrie could show a young point guard his ways. The Cavaliers still need to play their cards correctly. They just need that one superstar to compete with the Warriors. And if that does happen and they land Paul George….RIP NBA 2017-2021

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NBA Rumors: Paul George Would Be ‘Open’ To Re-Signing With Cavs


Celtics Trying to Land Paul George and Gordon Hayward


Celtics, looking for the extra piece to get to the Finals, are looking to get Paul George AND Gordon Hayward. You may have seen my first post, where I talked about how the Celtics might not trade for anyone. Though I think it seems like a better FUTURE if they don’t trade for any big names. But I guess the Celtics want to win now, and they can do that if they want to. Anyways, getting into the juice, the Celtics I guess want to get Paul George back to winning. And they are hoping that he will like Brad Stevens’ system. And for the Pacers they are wanting future picks and young players, which the Celtics most definitely have. Though league sources say that Indiana is commited and looking to trade Paul George to the Celtics. The trade was about to go down on draft night but they couldn’t find a third team in the trade. League sources also stated that the Celtics have lots of confidence that they could sign Paul George, making him avoid the Lakers.

Gordon Hayward is going to be a free agent this Saturday, and the Celtics are already preparing, salary shaving. Gordon showed many signs this year that he might leave. Most significantly, the picture his wife posted on Instagram, I believe one month ago, of her holding their baby girl, who was wearing a shirt with a 4 leaf clover, in the white and green colors.  Gordon Hayward does have a scheduled meeting with the Celtics, too.

If both of these superstars do come on the Celtics, man. This is going to be a hard time in the NBA. Only like 3 super teams governing the league, which will create more super teams, and it won’t stop.

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Cavaliers and Pacers Looking for a Third Team in a Trade


Recently, the Cavaliers have been in many trade talks, most recently, for Paul George. Someone they would need to match up against the Warriors, and someone who could play defense, and most significantly, score when Lebron isn’t around. They were having so much trouble in the Finals against the Warriors, because Kyrie can’t score when Lebron isn’t in the game. Paul George can create his own offense and score when Lebron isn’t around. He’s the only chance the Cavaliers have to win.

Giving background on this trade rumor, the third team is said to be the Denver Nuggets. And the Pacers already missed out on trading him in the draft, and they need to trade trade him before the season, so they won’t waste one season. Because if they don’t trade Paul George at all, they will end up having a good record, resulting in a better draft pick. The Pacers have to go into rebuilding mode because George isn’t coming back. So the first step is to trade George for young assets. Because trying to win now isn’t the best thing if you bring in the fact that the Warriors and Cavaliers are dominating the conferences.

So this is what the trade is thought to be. Paul George to Cleveland straight up. And Cleveland will give Kevin Love to Denver. While the Pacers will receive young assets or picks from Denver. Let me break this trade rumor down for every team (and since I already broke it down for the Cavaliers I will skip them):


For Denver, getting Kevin Love will be important. Considering that they are an up and coming young team, they need a veteran to lead them. Kevin Love would be perfect. It will also allow them to have a great shooting front court. And will allow better floor spacing so Jamal Murray could get to the paint. They’ll be an exciting team to watch…on offense. Their defense is highly questionable but they will be very entertaining.


Okay. So the Pacers are going in rebuilding mode. We shouldn’t expect too much coming from Denver. Just something to get rid of Paul George. I’m not sure who they are going to get. But if this trade goes down expect the Pacers to be one of the worst teams in the league, so they could get the best pick. Basically tanking. Whatever the 76ers did the past few seasons should be the Pacers goal.

This is it for now, sorry I didn’t post much today, I can’t post too many things at a time since I am only one person. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂 PEACE

Other Facts: Marc Stein reported that before this trade rumor, Denver offered a “monster” trade to get Paul George. Though this trade didn’t get into many news pages at all because Paul George wasn’t interested in staying in Denver. So Denver reportedly disagreed and went about its own way.

Rockets Looking for Missing Piece: Looking to Trade Away Patrick Beverly


Quietly, the Rockets have been looking for someone to help them stop the Warriors. And most recently they put up Lou Williams, Ryan Anderson, and Patrick Beverly on the trade block. Reportedly trying to get more cap space to sign better players. Marc Stein reported that not only Chris Paul, but Paul Millsap, Kyle Lowry, and Blake Griffin, is who they are looking for. Not only that, but they were also setting their sights for Indiana’s only, Paul George. But for the two franchise-changing superstars, which the Rockets need (Chris Paul and Paul George) are very risky and dangerous option. Chris Paul would need a lot of salary dumping to get him, which the Rockets are doing putting Williams, Anderson, and Beverly on the trade block, and they need to lure him over. Because remember, like I said in my last post, the Clippers could offer him WAY more money. And as for Paul George, he will fill in Ryan Anderson, as a consistent shooter, and can take on the defensive load if Beverly leaves. And when Harden isn’t being himself in the playoffs, George could take over the game, because of his explosiveness and fire. Though you have to consider that he has only one year left on his contract. And he already expressed his feeling about the Lakers, and how it is almost certain that he will go there. And I mean the Lakers are preparing for it too! They just salary dumped Timofey Mozgov to the Nets! The Lakers now that they are going to have a big off season next year. Sorry this was short, but this is it for now. Hope you enjoy 🙂 PEACE