Paul George TRADED to the Thunder!


The news just came out one minute ago. Oh GEEZ! PAUL GEORGE TO THE THUNDER. I didn’t expect it at all. For like Victor Oladipo and this other guy. I just want to get the news out the first. Russell Westbrook is definitely trying to get back at Durant when the Warriors play the Thunder next year. Okay he was traded for Domantas Sabonis. My gosh. I will get more details later but for now…wow.


Report: Paul George traded to Oklahoma City Thunder


Cavaliers and Pacers Looking for a Third Team in a Trade


Recently, the Cavaliers have been in many trade talks, most recently, for Paul George. Someone they would need to match up against the Warriors, and someone who could play defense, and most significantly, score when Lebron isn’t around. They were having so much trouble in the Finals against the Warriors, because Kyrie can’t score when Lebron isn’t in the game. Paul George can create his own offense and score when Lebron isn’t around. He’s the only chance the Cavaliers have to win.

Giving background on this trade rumor, the third team is said to be the Denver Nuggets. And the Pacers already missed out on trading him in the draft, and they need to trade trade him before the season, so they won’t waste one season. Because if they don’t trade Paul George at all, they will end up having a good record, resulting in a better draft pick. The Pacers have to go into rebuilding mode because George isn’t coming back. So the first step is to trade George for young assets. Because trying to win now isn’t the best thing if you bring in the fact that the Warriors and Cavaliers are dominating the conferences.

So this is what the trade is thought to be. Paul George to Cleveland straight up. And Cleveland will give Kevin Love to Denver. While the Pacers will receive young assets or picks from Denver. Let me break this trade rumor down for every team (and since I already broke it down for the Cavaliers I will skip them):


For Denver, getting Kevin Love will be important. Considering that they are an up and coming young team, they need a veteran to lead them. Kevin Love would be perfect. It will also allow them to have a great shooting front court. And will allow better floor spacing so Jamal Murray could get to the paint. They’ll be an exciting team to watch…on offense. Their defense is highly questionable but they will be very entertaining.


Okay. So the Pacers are going in rebuilding mode. We shouldn’t expect too much coming from Denver. Just something to get rid of Paul George. I’m not sure who they are going to get. But if this trade goes down expect the Pacers to be one of the worst teams in the league, so they could get the best pick. Basically tanking. Whatever the 76ers did the past few seasons should be the Pacers goal.

This is it for now, sorry I didn’t post much today, I can’t post too many things at a time since I am only one person. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂 PEACE

Other Facts: Marc Stein reported that before this trade rumor, Denver offered a “monster” trade to get Paul George. Though this trade didn’t get into many news pages at all because Paul George wasn’t interested in staying in Denver. So Denver reportedly disagreed and went about its own way.