Iguodala Signs with the Warriors


The Warriors are just so lucky to keep both of their top bench players in Iguodala and Livingston. Honestly, I thought both of them will leave. Though I guess they want to win, and I don’t blame them for that. Iguodala signed a 3 year, 48 million dollar deal. He definitely would’ve got payed much more. When asked about his decision to staying with the Warriors it was his son, who cried when he was choosing to sign with the other team. Warriors fans, thank his kid for Iguodala staying. That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂 PEACE




Iguodala Receiving Many Offers from Teams


After seeing how many offers teams have given to Iggy, looks like the teams are trying to dismantle the Warriors. Iguodala, though only averaging 7.6 points in the regular season, he showed up in the playoffs for the Warriors, like always. I was expecting this to happen for Iggy, because before he came to the Warriors, he was a solid starter, and had amazing games. Though he is still pretty old, he can still compete and be a successful starter. And if the Warriors lose him, they better hope Patrick McCaw steps up this season. If the Warriors wanted to keep him, Kevin Durant must agree to a contract without bird rights, so they don’t have to go over the salary cap to sign him (KD).

“The Minnesota Timberwolves, San Antonio Spurs, LA Clippers, Philadelphia 76ers, Orlando Magic, Brooklyn Nets and Utah Jazz are among the teams interested in the 2015 NBA Finals MVP, sources tell ESPN.”

That’s a lot of teams, but sources have said that it is unknown if Iguodala is going to attend their meetings. Most of these teams are looking for a new start, or are young teams looking for a veteran to guide them to the playoffs. The Minnesota looks like a nice spot. He’ll be a good backup to Wiggins, and Butler, as he can excel offensively. San Antonio will get a solid pickup acquiring Iggy, so he could be a good backup for Kawhi. LA looks like they need a fresh start, because Chris Paul and Blake Griffin aren’t going to win with them. Some talks have been that Chris Paul and Iggy can come together as a combo as LaMarcus Aldridge and Danny Green are reportedly up on the trade block. Now Philly is another young team looking for a veteran to lead their way. Iguodala has playoff experience and knows how to play in the playoffs. He will definitely help the Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and no. 1 pick Markelle Fultz improve. Orlando. We don’t exactly know where they are headed, but Jonathan Isaac might be the new franchise player. Orlando needs some sort of proven player who is going to put up numbers and show the rest of the team how it’s done. Brooklyn is just on a rebuild. They have a young promising player in D’Angelo Russell, but really no one else. No one else to look for when you think of the Brooklyn Nets. Brooklyn has to stop being the laughing-stock of the league, they need a big-name player, so it just doesn’t look like they suck. Utah has a questionable future. You’re not sure exactly if Gordon Hayward is going to stay or go to the Celtics. Maybe a guy like Iggy can be a short-term thing just to fill in for Hayward. He won’t put up the same numbers but will buy Utah some time to find someone new. That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂 PEACE