Chris Paul Traded to the Houston Rockets


Chris Paul. Arguably the best, if not best play maker in the league. Paired up with also one of the best, if not best play makers in the league in James Harden. Deadly. Lethal. They are going to destroy teams next year. This trade featured of course, Chris Paul, while the Rockets are giving Patrick Beverly, Sam Dekker, Lou Williams, DeAndre Liggins, Darrun Hilliard, Montrezl Harrell, Kyle Wiltjer, and a 2018 top-3 protected pick for Paul alone. This is the 2nd blockbuster trade in the off season so far. This is what the Rockets are doing to compete with the Warriors, and they will compete. And I think it is going to be a hard-fought series in the playoffs next year (Yes. I’m thinking that they will both play in the Western Conference Finals). This offense is going to be spectacular. Just seeing James Harden and the Rockets take the court last year was amazing. Now imagine them having future Hall of Famer Chris Paul on that team. They are going to have some HIGH scoring games. Not only this but the Rockets will have a proven defender in Chris Paul on the team. This trade was smart for both the Rockets and Clippers.

Well first of all, the Rockets got Chris Paul, who I just talked about. So let me get in depth with the Clippers. The Clippers knew that they had to trade Chris Paul, because reportedly, he told that once being an unrestricted free agent next year, he would sign with the Rockets. So why waste a season winning and getting a lower draft pick with Chris Paul, and letting him go for nothing, rather than start rebuilding and trade Chris Paul for all these young players. They will have a bad season, but it is okay. I talked about this in one of my previous posts using Paul George. Because same goes for the Pacers, too. I definitely think this is a win-win situation. Rockets can compete with the Warriors NOW, while the Clippers get young assets and a pick to start a rebuild.

Now I’ve been thinking about this, but I guess I’ll start making shorter posts like these. I could give you all the information in not a long 800 word post. Oh, and I won’t be posting at all from Saturday to Monday, but hopefully nothing too much happens so I won’t have to recap everything on Tuesday.

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Rockets Looking for Missing Piece: Looking to Trade Away Patrick Beverly


Quietly, the Rockets have been looking for someone to help them stop the Warriors. And most recently they put up Lou Williams, Ryan Anderson, and Patrick Beverly on the trade block. Reportedly trying to get more cap space to sign better players. Marc Stein reported that not only Chris Paul, but Paul Millsap, Kyle Lowry, and Blake Griffin, is who they are looking for. Not only that, but they were also setting their sights for Indiana’s only, Paul George. But for the two franchise-changing superstars, which the Rockets need (Chris Paul and Paul George) are very risky and dangerous option. Chris Paul would need a lot of salary dumping to get him, which the Rockets are doing putting Williams, Anderson, and Beverly on the trade block, and they need to lure him over. Because remember, like I said in my last post, the Clippers could offer him WAY more money. And as for Paul George, he will fill in Ryan Anderson, as a consistent shooter, and can take on the defensive load if Beverly leaves. And when Harden isn’t being himself in the playoffs, George could take over the game, because of his explosiveness and fire. Though you have to consider that he has only one year left on his contract. And he already expressed his feeling about the Lakers, and how it is almost certain that he will go there. And I mean the Lakers are preparing for it too! They just salary dumped Timofey Mozgov to the Nets! The Lakers now that they are going to have a big off season next year. Sorry this was short, but this is it for now. Hope you enjoy 🙂 PEACE