Jordan Bell to the Warriors


On Thursday, fresh out of the Jimmy Butler trade the Bulls had one of the most important picks in the draft waiting for them. The 38th pick. And at number 38, Jordan Bell, a very solid player with a big upside could have been actually KEPT by the Bulls. And really, the Bulls would need an explosive guy like him who could protect the rim, too, with Lauri. Instead of drafting someone who shows signs of potential, they decide to sell it, and in this case to the highest bidder, which was the Golden State Warriors. For 3.5 million dollars, that’s it. In my opinion I think this was a stupid decision, considering that Chicago was in rebuild mode. They already traded their star player, which was smart, if you want to find out why, you can go to my post, Why the Celtics Might NOT Trade for Anyone, or watch the Mike Korzemba video (link in “Sources:”). Anyways, I know this is just a second-round pick but you even drafted a second-round star, JIMMY BUTLER. And what will that 3.5 million dollars do? Help resign an aging Wade or Rondo, they won’t be able to just buy another Jordan Bell. They should be able just to give the money to him, 3.5 million is nothing, though I know he is a second-rounder. But no one knows what the Chicago front office and Gar Forman is doing, and hopefully they have a reason for this. And if I was a Bulls fan, I would be putting money in the GoFundMe, which is raising money to buy a billboard(s) for Chicago saying “Fire Forman.” Because they looked like they were on the right track trading Jimmy Butler for potential, and better, future draft picks, and now we are just getting confused. Hopefully Chicago has something up their sleeve with this, because right now, it is looking real dumb. Now speaking of Jordan Bell to the Warriors, Draymond wasn’t too pleased to find out that they claimed the rights to Mr. Bell without him knowing. GM Bob Myers saying, “Draymond texted me as I was driving home and he said, ‘What the’ and then expletive ‘is your problem?’ to me. So you can fill in the blank. Then he said, ‘I have to hear about this ‘expletive’ on the internet, you didn’t expletive ‘tell me about it!’ So I couldn’t text and drive so I called him and I said, ‘OK, all right, calm down.'” Then he goes on talking about with Draymond, he needs respect, and how Draymond is the “team Mom” (LOL), and how Draymond needed to get Bell’s number to talk to him. That’s it for today, be sure to like this and follow me on WordPress. 🙂 PEACE



Magic Johnson said this about D’Angelo Russell


Magic Johnson spoke harshly about D’Angelo Russell after him being traded to the Brooklyn Nets with Timofey Mozgov in exchange for Brook Lopez and the 27th pick in the draft. Magic started off nicely, complimenting what D’Angelo has done for the Lakers saying, “I’m going to do what it takes to get the right players in here with the right mindset. D’Angelo is an excellent player. He has the talent to be an All-Star.” But then after he goes on saying, “We want to thank him for what he did for us, but what I needed was a leader. I needed somebody also that can make the other players better, and also that players want to play with.” A little too harsh. He could’ve just ended and stopped after stating that he has the talent to be an All-Star, but then he goes on to say something that wasn’t even needed at all. Not a leader? Someone players wanted to play with??? I mean it’s over, Russell is already gone, he’s not in LA anymore, there is nothing more to be said about him. And after that, he talks about how Lonzo is the new face of the franchise, and how he expects to see his jersey retired. Lavar must be excited about hearing that. Hopefully Lavar doesn’t make too much noise about Lonzo when he plays in the NBA because Zo already got a big target on his back. But I wish Lonzo best of luck in the league, I know he’ll do good. As for Russell, Magic is correct, he does have the talent to be an All-Star and I do think in a few years we will see him in All-Star weekend playing with talents like Giannis Antetokounmpo. Russell has a lot of potential, all he has to do is show us how it is done, and prove to us he is a star. We can already tell by his work ethic, but we need to see, and will see on the court how good he is. And since he is in the worst franchise in the league, he has freedom to do whatever he wants to do. That’s it for now 🙂 PEACE

Luka Doncic is GOING to be AMAZING!


Luka Doncic, some of you may have heard him, other maybe not so much at all. Luka Doncic is a Slovenian basketball player, who plays for Real Madrid in the EuroLeague, which is arguably the second-best basketball league in the world. That too, he is only 18, and is already playing professionally with grown men! And he started playing professionally when he was only 16! He has a very well-rounded playing style and even though the numbers may not show it. Playing 20 minutes per game, Luka averages 7.8 points, 4.5 rebounds (as a GUARD!), 4.3 rebounds,  and 1 steal. He shoots 37% from deep, and 50.5% from the field. He still has a whole year left playing for Real Madrid before coming into the NBA. This’ll give him time to develop his game. But now, just by watching his highlights you can tell he is going to be special. I’ll put some of his highlights with my sources. You can see how he isn’t afraid to get the contact when driving. He is also a great ball handler, and can finish at the rim. In the paint he can use his long 6’7″ body to get the ball in the hoop. Oh and yea, I didn’t mention it before, he is 6’7″ and playing as a GUARD! In the new NBA where point guards are getting taller and bigger, Luka will excel. He can shoot the three well and has great fundamentals inside. He can easily fill lanes and post others players up. He has great hands and awareness, this allows him to be successful in the give & go and pick ‘n pop or roll. For a player with amazing talents people are putting him all the way down to no. 4 in the 2018 draft. Though one thing he will need to improve his mid range game, because I didn’t see much of it at all in the highlights. But if you really see how Luka plays, and if you look at one of the highlights down below….this kid is really special.  That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed 🙂 PEACE


Why the Celtics Might NOT Trade for Anyone



For the past few weeks the Celtics, or no, for months and months the Boston Celtics have been in trade rumors with top-tier players in the league. We have heard all sorts of rumors, and whenever we get excited Boston just never does it. They never pulled the trigger on the trade, even though they are a piece away from a stacked team, or maybe even a super team. We’ve heard Paul George, Hassan Whiteside, Demarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis, Gordon Hayward, and Jimmy Butler (but of course, they don’t have a chance at him because he was already traded to the T-Wolves).

But a recent report that came out states that Danny Ainge thinks that teams think that Boston is stacked with future assets, which is true, but are asking for too much, because of how valuable the Celtics are. But when it came to the Jimmy Butler trade the Celtics reportedly turned down the offer of trading their no. 3 pick in this year’s draft (which already happen, it was Jayson Tatum) or the Brooklyn Nets pick in 2018 straight up for Jimmy Butler. That was a really good deal for the Celtics, but they decided to turn it down, but why?

When being asked about how the Celtics strong position in the league is an obstacle to overcome, Ainge replies saying that the trading periods, were one of the obstacles to overcome, and ends saying “We’ll just continue to find the right deals.” And you might say that the Jimmy Butler trade offer was an amazing deal, and as I said before, yes it was. But after watching the latest Mike Korzemba video (link in description) he introduced my mind to something else when talking about the Celitcs, and the Bulls and their future. He explained that the timeline for Jimmy Butler in Chicago didn’t match the NBA timeline. He says that the Warriors will dominate the next 3 years at the least, and teams like Chicago are trying to build for the future. Sorry if I’m getting off topic but he changed my mind about the Jimmy Butler trade and how it can actually pan out for the Bulls. Getting back on topic to the Celtics, Mike was saying how for the Celtics, there was no point trading for Jimmy Butler. And if they trade for anyone now, for big names like Gordon Hayward and Paul George, it will only allow the Celtics to actually compete against the Cavaliers in the conference finals. No not win. COMPETE. They won’t be able to defeat Lebron, and even if the Celtics do make it to the Finals, they definitely won’t outmatch the Warriors, no not even close. This is why teams in the NBA are trying to go young, rebuilding because these superstars now that are 25 or 26, they won’t have a chance of winning a title unless they hop on the Warriors bandwagon which is STUPID. That’s why you might not see the Celtics trading for superstars or even players anytime soon. They are going to rebuild slowly. That’s why they are trading picks for more picks, and those picks for even more picks. And this is what more teams in the NBA are going to do. Like the Raptors, Spurs, Trailblazers, Pacers, almost every team who has starplayers over 25 might do this. It sounds a lot like just giving up, but it will prepare them for the future. And young teams emerging are lucky, because they aren’t gonna waste any time at all. The 76ers, Suns, Lakers, Bucks, T-Wolves, Heat, and Nuggets are on the rise. And they are going to be our future after the next 5 boring years in basketball.

But for these superstars it’s a sad time to be in the NBA, because down the road, instead of hearing names of what used to be amazing players like, Gordon Hayward, Paul George, Demarcus Cousins, Damian Lillard, and Isaiah Thomas, you’ll just hear about the Warriors, them blowing the 3-1 lead, and winning championships after that season with KD. And those great players, like Anthony Davis, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and others will be robbed of an NBA Championship, though they will be all-time greats. And really, there is no one else to blame other than Kevin Durant.

To conclude, the Celtics don’t look like they are going to take the next step yet, or at least for a long time. As an organization the Celtics are doing amazing, because they get to rebuild and have  successful playoff team at the same time. This sure means a lot of money for the Celtics in the next decade, since I’m almost sure after the Isaiah Thomas era in Boston, another one will begin. As for other teams, they have no hope right now. And they should get to start  rebuilding right now, because it is going to be the Warriors and Cavs for a few more years, and most definitely the Warriors before someone in the West stops them. Hope you enjoyed 🙂 PEACE