Phil Jackson parts ways with the New York Knicks


YES. Even people who don’t like the Knicks much should be happy. And as for you Knicks fans, you should be relieved. 3 years of confusion and mistakes for Mr. Jackson. The only good thing he did was drafting Porzingis, and he was even looking to trade him. He also wasn’t on nice terms with their star, Carmelo Anthony. If the Knicks didn’t fire him, imagine what he would have done. Phil clearly couldn’t build a team, he needed players around him so he could improve. He had an aging Carmelo (who would be good if he didn’t hate him so much), and signed two people who were good long before then (Rose and Noah). James Dolan is really the Knicks savior, but really, there wasn’t much of an option at all. All the things leading up to the firing of him looked scary for the Knicks. So many trade rumors, talks, trades that were almost about to go down. The Knicks fans didn’t really deserve the last few years which were trash. I know this was short but I have nothing else to say. That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed 🙂 PEACE



Celtics Trying to Land Paul George and Gordon Hayward


Celtics, looking for the extra piece to get to the Finals, are looking to get Paul George AND Gordon Hayward. You may have seen my first post, where I talked about how the Celtics might not trade for anyone. Though I think it seems like a better FUTURE if they don’t trade for any big names. But I guess the Celtics want to win now, and they can do that if they want to. Anyways, getting into the juice, the Celtics I guess want to get Paul George back to winning. And they are hoping that he will like Brad Stevens’ system. And for the Pacers they are wanting future picks and young players, which the Celtics most definitely have. Though league sources say that Indiana is commited and looking to trade Paul George to the Celtics. The trade was about to go down on draft night but they couldn’t find a third team in the trade. League sources also stated that the Celtics have lots of confidence that they could sign Paul George, making him avoid the Lakers.

Gordon Hayward is going to be a free agent this Saturday, and the Celtics are already preparing, salary shaving. Gordon showed many signs this year that he might leave. Most significantly, the picture his wife posted on Instagram, I believe one month ago, of her holding their baby girl, who was wearing a shirt with a 4 leaf clover, in the white and green colors.  Gordon Hayward does have a scheduled meeting with the Celtics, too.

If both of these superstars do come on the Celtics, man. This is going to be a hard time in the NBA. Only like 3 super teams governing the league, which will create more super teams, and it won’t stop.

That’s it for today. Sorry I don’t have too much time on my hands now. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂 PEACE


Iguodala Receiving Many Offers from Teams


After seeing how many offers teams have given to Iggy, looks like the teams are trying to dismantle the Warriors. Iguodala, though only averaging 7.6 points in the regular season, he showed up in the playoffs for the Warriors, like always. I was expecting this to happen for Iggy, because before he came to the Warriors, he was a solid starter, and had amazing games. Though he is still pretty old, he can still compete and be a successful starter. And if the Warriors lose him, they better hope Patrick McCaw steps up this season. If the Warriors wanted to keep him, Kevin Durant must agree to a contract without bird rights, so they don’t have to go over the salary cap to sign him (KD).

“The Minnesota Timberwolves, San Antonio Spurs, LA Clippers, Philadelphia 76ers, Orlando Magic, Brooklyn Nets and Utah Jazz are among the teams interested in the 2015 NBA Finals MVP, sources tell ESPN.”

That’s a lot of teams, but sources have said that it is unknown if Iguodala is going to attend their meetings. Most of these teams are looking for a new start, or are young teams looking for a veteran to guide them to the playoffs. The Minnesota looks like a nice spot. He’ll be a good backup to Wiggins, and Butler, as he can excel offensively. San Antonio will get a solid pickup acquiring Iggy, so he could be a good backup for Kawhi. LA looks like they need a fresh start, because Chris Paul and Blake Griffin aren’t going to win with them. Some talks have been that Chris Paul and Iggy can come together as a combo as LaMarcus Aldridge and Danny Green are reportedly up on the trade block. Now Philly is another young team looking for a veteran to lead their way. Iguodala has playoff experience and knows how to play in the playoffs. He will definitely help the Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and no. 1 pick Markelle Fultz improve. Orlando. We don’t exactly know where they are headed, but Jonathan Isaac might be the new franchise player. Orlando needs some sort of proven player who is going to put up numbers and show the rest of the team how it’s done. Brooklyn is just on a rebuild. They have a young promising player in D’Angelo Russell, but really no one else. No one else to look for when you think of the Brooklyn Nets. Brooklyn has to stop being the laughing-stock of the league, they need a big-name player, so it just doesn’t look like they suck. Utah has a questionable future. You’re not sure exactly if Gordon Hayward is going to stay or go to the Celtics. Maybe a guy like Iggy can be a short-term thing just to fill in for Hayward. He won’t put up the same numbers but will buy Utah some time to find someone new. That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂 PEACE


Russell Westbrook WINS MVP!


Now this came as no surprise at all. Though Kawhi and Harden had both good cases to win, and they would’ve won MVP almost every other year than this one, Westbrook was just BEAST. Watching him play and just looking at his stats tells the whole story. He AVERAGED a triple-double. And is the 2nd person to do that in NBA history. And he is the first person to record 42 triple-doubles in a season. Just amazing. That means a little bit more than half the time he is going to show us an amazing performance. And it isn’t like he is those low scoring point guards who are pass first. He is putting up 31 points a GAME! He is literally carrying his team. And the Thunder even made the playoffs. It’s not like the even have a good team anyways. They have one great player. Like…just I don’t know what to say. Russell Westbrook is going to go down in the Hall of Fame. Now to think about it, if Durant had stayed, Russell wouldn’t be as great. He wouldn’t be racking up these monster number. Durant leaving turned Russ into a future NBA legend. But Russ’s performance this season was one to remember as the greatest seasons of all time. Maybe better than Steph’s season last year. But yea, Russell Westbrook deserves this award.

Well. Well. Well. Draymond Green wins defensive player of the year. To be honest, this year it was a really tight race from 3 great two-way players. I really wouldn’t be surprised if any of them won the award. But Green towards the end of the season was amazing. Not saying that the rest of the season was bad, but you could just use the eye test and tell he was a monster on defense. His presence was there all season, and not only did he play physical, and get those blocks and steals, his trash talking was B-A-D. He got into the minds of these players. In the playoffs in the first round, I believe it was Mo Harkless. So when Green was guarding him, he was forcing him to shoot these threes, saying, “If you make it now, I might think about contesting it next time.” Not the exact words but I do remember it was around the same lines as that. Mo Harkless went like 0 for 5 shooting threes when Green was playing defense. Green definitely gets in to the mind of the player when defending more than Rudy or Kawhi, in fact, I think he is the only one who does. This may be an edge he had over when voting for the award started.

Mike D’Antoni deserved this award. Though Erik Spoelstra guided the Heat to almost secure a playoff spot after a season turnaround. And how Gregg Popovich just did his thing like he does every year. Mike D’Antoni proved himself to the NBA. After hiring him this season, he knew what to do. He was the one who switched James Harden a point guard. Without him the Rockets wouldn’t have a 55-27 record. Nothing more to be said there.

Other random facts/thoughts: When I searched up how many times Gregg Popovich won Coach of the Year I was surprised that he only won 3 times. 2002-03, 2011-12, and 2013-14. I guess the best don’t always win…even though I think he deserves much more than 3 of those awards. I’ll put that link in the description.


Nothing much else cuz I wrote all of this from my head and what I thought.



Malcolm Brogdon made history on Monday, being the lowest draft pick to ever win the rookie of the year. He was the 36th pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. Averaging 10.2 points, 4.2 assists, and 1.1 steals per game Malcolm showed everyone that he was truly a steal. He was a key in helping the Bucks to the playoffs without Jabari Parker playing. He lead the rookies in steals and assists and second in three point percentage and free throw percentage, third in overall field goal percentage, and fourth in scoring. In his speech, he noted that the award was for people and players who were overlooked. And in his exit meeting, he continues saying how the award was for people who were told that they weren’t athletic, or strong, or they weren’t a real point guard or shooting guard. Malcolm is  one of the many inspirations for many young athletes. Sorry if I may seem a bit rushed, but I’m watching the awards live and want to get the information down. But Malcolm is an amazing scorer, and knows when he should have the ball or not. He has a lot of potential in this league to be one of the greatest role players for a star in Giannis. Also when being asked about how he envisioned himself winning the award, he says he never ruled it out. And said that he wasn’t just thinking about winning the award but making the team better, too. I think Malcolm has a lot more to improve in his game, and we will see him even better next year.

Now moving onto the 6th man of the year, Mr. Eric Gordon, the winner of the three-point contest. There was no doubt that Gordon was going to win this award, because all season he displayed his efforts and contributed to the team’s success. Despite averaging less points than the other candidate Lou Williams, he made it clear to everyone that he can score. A lot. I’m not exactly sure about his future, though he is only 28 years old, giving him at least 2 good seasons left.

That’s it for now. Tried to get this in a hurry. Sorry. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂 PEACE


And the Live Awards.


Sorry guys, but on weekdays I can’t be posting too much. I have summer camp and it is hard coming home and typing as much as I did. I don’t want to spend all day typing up blogs and not do anything else. It already takes a long time to type it and do research. I’m not the fastest at it considering it took me almost one hour to the D’Angelo Russell post. So maybe on weekdays I’ll only post 1 or 2 times, 3 times max. Thanks a lot. It’s just a lot of work to do. I need a lot of time, and after this post I have to go back to the one before to do the sources thing, because I completely forgot lol. That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂 PEACE

D’Angelo Russell Surprised About his Trade


After being traded, this was D’Angelo Russell’s and Timofey Mozgov’s first time talking to the media. Today, Russell announced to the media “I was surprised. I’ve never really been traded before and I didn’t know what to expect.” For a young 21 year old kid, I’m not surprised. He is slowly getting used to the NBA and its business. If I was Russell, I would be surprised too, since I’ve been playing for only 2 years now. But I would also be wondering “Why trade me? I think I’ve shown what I can do to the Lakers. And since the Lakers did draft Lonzo Ball, didn’t they think that we could be a lethal back court?” This is just how I feel, though I do think that Russell is more than just surprised, and a few more thoughts are going through his mind.

In my one previous posts, I talked about what Magic Johnson commented on D’Angelo Russell. And this is what D’Angelo had to say about that:

I can’t control what they [the Lakers] say. I’m gone so it’s the past,” Russell said. “Being 21 [years old], living in Los Angeles and coming to New York is not a complaint for me or my family.” (Source #1)

And what I was saying in that post was why did Magic have to say that, the past is the past. Russell said a similar thing, because the present is the present, the past isn’t going to come back and that’s it. He also had to say this about the trade:

I’m excited. Once I heard the trade happen, I was surprised,” Russell said. “I didn’t look at it as a negative. I looked at it as a celebration. I can’t wait to get in the gym with these guys and just learn from them.

At least Russell didn’t have any negative words to say to the Lakers. He’s looking straight into the future, being excited and optimistic, something that the Nets should be happy about.

As for the future of the Nets, it doesn’t look too bad, as long as the front office doesn’t screw up badly. They have to be careful of these next few years, because they can make things happen. One thing that really screwed them up was trading there picks in the most anticipated drafts in a while. Imagine this year they would’ve gotten Markelle, and next year, Michael Porter Jr. or Luka Doncic. Or maybe, without that trade they wouldn’t even be in the lottery. It will be to make the magic happen this year and next year considering that they won’t have their top draft pick. But they have a rising star in D’Angelo Russell who I promise will have a great stat line next year considering that he has the worst team in the league. He’ll be able to do whatever he wants on the court. That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed 🙂 PEACE