June 20 Recap: Derrick Rose to Cavs!~~~ Demar DeRozan Point Guard!!!


Sorry I haven’t posted in a long time but here I am back again. Instead of having multiple posts in a day now I am just going to recap the day before.

So yesterday rumors came out that Derrick Rose and the Cavs were reportedly discussing about a 1 year deal. I first thought that he would eventually sign with the Bucks considering their “mutual interest” but since the Bucks never made another meeting with him so he is still waiting for a team to sign him. But if the Cavaliers do sign him it will be a very strange and peculiar move. Sure you are getting a solid back up, but someone who is ball-dominant. On a team with Kyrie Irving and Lebron James, Derrick Rose is not the best fit. He can’t play along side Kyrie Irving and even when Lebron James is not on the court, he doesn’t give the extra need to the Cavs in order to beat the Warriors. He is not the same MVP Derrick Rose, not as athletic as he was before. Not the same as the Derrick Rose who could use a pick and role to his advantage, not the  explosive one we once saw before. Which is why I feel sad for him. He could have been one of the greats, the best, but injuries cut him short. Imagine what would’ve happened if he didn’t get injured? He would have been an NBA Champion maybe, and right now, he would have been in his prime. Winning an MVP at 22 is amazing, but he could’ve done so much. Imagine him with out his injury, with a 2013-14 Defensive Player of the Year Joakim Noah, even better. They could have been NBA Champions. Maybe if he didn’t get injured he wouldn’t be in the point of his career where at the end of July he is still not signed to a team, and getting talks about him getting a veteran minimum won’t be even thought about.

Dwayne Casey plans to use DeMar DeRozan to get point guard minutes according to Bryan Meyer of Sportsnet. Speaking that DeMar can and will be a facilitator as a point guard and can pass more. He wants Lowry to move the ball also. The real issue for the Raptors in the past few years is that they don’t have the best ball movement. Their game play is more one on one, with either Lowry or DeMar taking the teams shots. DeRozan also showed he was a facilitator in the 20 games Lowry missed to injury, tallying up 4.4 assists, which would’ve been a career best if he had had this the whole season. The Raptors seem to be headed in a better direction now, as they should be able to surround their team with more shooters with a pass-first initiative.

One question here: Should the Celtics sign Isaiah Thomas to a Max Contract. When looking at the article, it really got me thinking because it is a big choice to make. Though we all know that Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas deserves, finishing top 5 in MVP voting and earning a spot on the All-NBA Second Team. He even knows that too. Though giving him the max will mean that they can’t be looking for free-agents next year, they won’t have too much cap space. With a Gordon Hayward and Al Horford max already their, Thomas may not be getting the money. But isn’t this all lined up for a max? The Celtics traded their first overall pick who was going to be Markelle Fultz because they already had Isaiah, and it looks like it’s just going to be him at point for the future. Then they trade Avery Bradley and his huge salary for Marcus Morris. So it looks like the Celtics are going to do it. On the other hand, the real question is should they, and how will it impact their future. Because remember, the Celtics are targeting Anthony Davis if the Pelicans season takes the wrong turn.

Doc Rivers just took shots at Chris Paul, saying that him leaving allows the team to “have ball movement.” It is clear that Paul is a ball-dominant star but come on. Rivers was just being salty. Ball-movement is important but winning is more, and they clearly aren’t doing as much with the departure of Chris Paul. And Chris Paul definitely doesn’t like him, even before the trade. Many rumors speculated players weren’t happy with him because of his son Austin, who is supposed to be “the best” because he is the coaches son. Even Glen Davis (former Clipper) had some beef with him recently. People say Austin gets lots of money because of his dad, gets lots of minutes because of his dad, and struts around the locker room because he is the coaches son.

That’s it for today. Sorry I put this up late. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂 BYE


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